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Amazing Web Hosting Services at

PostsPosted by Abituum Sat, February 27, 2016 09:29:15

Many people who had been searching for web hosting service providers might come across with the picture and message as shown above. For those people who have not yet come across the above information and are still looking for web hosting service providers, you will gain a lot of benefits and understand a little bit more on today web hosting services.

Abituum had been searching and analyzing web hosting service providers for the past months. We finally found that web hosting service provider as described above. It is the best one in all aspects - reasonable price, easy web builder, and awesome services, etc. Web hosting at offers us domain, homepage, email and much more.

It also often has good promotion. We paid only less than $10 Canadian dollars for a whole first year to set up our own domain and run the website - starting from know nothing about the web builder.

By adding a little more service fee, we can also have an e-commerce store on our own domain dot com website. Yet, there is a 3 months free for trial to set up shopping cart too. AMAZING - Love it. web hosting service provider also has an affiliate program that we can promote their service and made money or income out of it. It is after on the internet business is all about. – making money online.

If interested, please sign up on our referral link at as it is an affiliation program to promote this great web hosting service provider.

You will earn $2 Canadian by signing up to a web space at the following link:

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With web hosting service providers with a minimal fee, we can set our own domain with dot com. We can set many e-mail addresses under our domain website whereas other service providers often limit the number of e-mail addresses to less than a few.

As for an aspect of web hosting service fees, web hosting service providers is one of the lowest fees we have found. Importantly, they charge the service fee as they advertised which is unlikely done by other web hosting service providers. Some of these web hosting service providers advertised for a low service fee through all various media channels. Once we got into their website to register for their services, we have found that the fee isn’t that low as adverting.

We can get that low fee as advertised by some of these web hosting service providers but we may be ended up with having to building a package to serve our purpose. The web hosting service fee is then becoming unreasonable expensive.

It is even worst for some of these web hosting service providers. There are limiting of usage and some services are not being available in their package. They don’t tell us up front and we have to find that out when using it.

For instance, some web hosting service providers have e-Commerce service package with a facility of shopping cart build in but we later found out that some products cannot be sold on this website. The obvious example is that we cannot sell electronic files or products on that package. Although the service fee of this e-commerce package is already very high we have to choose the package that is even higher and more expensive to cover all what we want to do.

As for an aspect of building website, many web hosting service providers recommend that we use the service from the website builder to help us build our website. In contrast with this web hosting service provider, they show a simple video to walk us through in short minutes. We will then be able to put our hand on our website and build it by ourselves.

For a simple website, we can build it within a day by using web editor, starting from knowing nothing about building the website. This is amazing, isn’t it.

As said in the beginning of this post, Abituum wants to help out others. This is the same way as is doing. For this reason, we should recognize them and encourage their business.

Again, you will earn $2 Canadian by signing up to a web space at the link shown below.

Please sign up now…..THANKS!

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